About Us

The Japan Ultra Cycling Association LLC

The Japan Ultra Cycling Association (JUCA) was established by Kaname Sakurai ,

Maya Ide and Kaitaro Honda for the purpose of supporting Japanese and other Asian bicyclists who aspire to participate in Race Across America, known as the most difficult ultra- long-distance bicycling race in the world.

JUCA has been authorized by the executive committee of RAAM to hold RAAM qualifiers in Japan. JUCA will also offer RAAM seminars, and disseminate information pertaining to RAAM and other ultra-long-distance bicycle races.  Through these and other activities, JUCA hopes to make RAAM and other ultra-long-distance bicycling events more accessible to Japanese and other Asian bicyclists.

JUCA is headed by Mr. Kaname Sakurai, who successfully finished RAAM four times in the 1990’s.  Co-founders and Vice Presidents Maya Ide and Kaitaro Honda have successfully finished the prestigious Paris -Brest -Paris 1200km, and have nearly 20 years of experience organizing Audax Club Parisien sanctioned brevets.  All three have recently crewed for RAAM riders and are thus familiar with the difficulty riders encounter in their attempt to participate in RAAM, and the level of team work required to bring the rider to the goal. 

Given the costs involved in participating in RAAM, particularly from a foreign country, and the difficulty of recruiting crew members, the three founding members have established JUCA to offer aspiring RAAM riders the opportunity to simulate and practice RAAM style races in Japan.

As a clear indication of the support we receive from the RAAM executive committee, and with the kind support of RAAM CEO Mr. Fred Boethling, on August 22, 2020 the first ever RAAM qualifier will be held in Aomori Prefecture in northern Honshu. (Race Around Aomori)

In preparation for the Race Around Aomori, we have the immense pleasure of welcoming to Japan, Mr. Fred Boethling, President and CEO of RAAM this May, on which occasion a RAAM seminar will be held in Tokyo.  Further details and updates regarding Race Around Aomori RAAM qualifier and the RAAM seminar will be posted on this web site.

Kaname Sakurai,  CEO JUCA

Maya Ide        Vice President JUCA

Kaitaro Honda    Vice President JUCA