• First RAAM Qualifier in Japan


Ride Around Aomori 2020 is the first ever RAAM Qualifier to be held in Japan.  The 400 mile route passes through the most scenic areas of Aomori Prefecture, located at the northernmost tip of the Island of Honshu. The start and goal are at Shin Aomori Station which can be reached from Tokyo within three hours by bullet train.


Shin Aomori Station-Shimokita Peninsula- Shichinohe- Hakkoda- Kuroishi-Hirosaki-Ajigasawa- Tappizaki- Shin Aomori Station


2. Rider’s Meeting 

  August 21, 2020

 Time:  17:00-19:00

 Bike Inspection will be held before and after the Rider’s Meeting.

3. Start Date 

 Location:  New Aomori Station ( specific location to be announced later)

 Start Time:  August 22, 2020 6:00 a.m.

 Final Goal Cut Off Time:

  RAAM style qualifier:  August 23, 14:00(32hours)~20:00(38hours)

  Non-RAAM qualifier category:  August 23, 22:00 (40 hours)

 RAAM Style Solo Category

Solo Age Category Time- Men Time -Women
  RAAM Qualifier 18-49 year old   32 hours 34 hours
  RAAM Qualifier – Over 50 years old 34 hours 38 hours
  JUCA Time (non-RAAM Qualifier)   40 hours 40 hours

RAAM Style Team Category

Though teams do not have to qualify to participate in RAAM, Race Around Aomori offers a unique opportunity for team building and practicing the RAAM style race.

2, 3, 4 person teams are welcome to participate in Race Across Aomori.  Teams will ride in relays. The decision as to the allocation of time and distance that one team member will race is up to the discretion of the team.

Time limits for all men, all women, and mixed teams

2,3,4 member teams age Time for all men and mixed member team Time for all women teams
18-34 years old   30 hours  32 hours  
  35-49 years old 31 hours 33 hours
  Over 50 years old 32 hours 34 hours

4. Mandatory Requirement for RAAM qualifiers

 All RAAM qualifiers require a minimum of one support vehicle and two drivers to accompany the rider.

 Riders participating as a non-RAAM qualifier must ride solo and unsupported.

There are no team categories for non-RAAM qualifying events.

5.Entry fee:

RAAM Style Solo Riders: 

40,000 yen until March 31st, 2020.

50,000 yen for entry between April 1, 2020 to August 1, 2020

RAAM Style Teams:

10,000 yen/per team

JUCA non-RAAM qualifier events:

5000 yen


The above fee includes one night accommodation for RAAM style qualifier solo riders only, at hotel arranged by JUCA. Crew’s accomodation fee not included. Teams and JUCA non-qualifier participants must pay their own hotel fees.


All riders must have third party liability coverage of at least 100 million yen.

7. A party will be held on August 23 after the end of the event.